Sparta Training Ground

Train with passionate coaches using Sparta Science - the same technology used by over 60 collegiate and professional sports organizations.

Elite Training Facility

SPARTA's Training Ground breeds stronger, healthier and more resilient athletes. Our expert coaches leverage innovative technology into an individualized program, incorporating Sparta force plates, speed radars and instant visual feedback through the video analysis system.

Custom Analytic Software

SPARTA athletes are tested and monitored using the SPARTA™proprietary software and force plates, so every training session is evidence-based by design. This laser focus produces optimal rewards, more injury resistances, and prevents over-training.

Unique Coaching Philosophy

Sparta's 4-to-1 athlete-to-coach ratio ensures that each athlete gets the individual attention they need to maximize every minute of training sessions. This optimal level attention and focus on each athlete leaves nothing to chance.


Trust In Results

Using force plate technology and our proprietary analytic software, we make sure every one of our athletes gets exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sparta training facility is the premiere location to become a stronger, healthier more mentally tough athlete.

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Meet Sparta Athletes

Andrew Knapp

A lot of people say it's easy to get into the big leagues, it's harder to stay.

Andrew Knapp, Minor League Player of the Year, Philadelphia Phillies
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Mitch Haniger

Each year I come to Sparta, I'm a step ahead of where I was last year.

Mitch Haniger, Outfielder, Seattle Mariners
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Daniel Descalso

It breeds competition and brings the best out of you.

Daniel Descalso, Infield, Arizona Diamondbacks
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Tyson Ross

There is a reason for everything you are doing in here. 

Tyson Ross, Pitcher, San Diego Padres
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